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AGYA/Lilia Makhloufi

AGYA/Lilia Makhloufi

CfP: Housing Facing Metropolization: Innovative Approaches in Architecture and Urban Planning

20 Sep 2020

Application Deadline

International Online Conference
Call for Papers
‘Housing and Identity in the Context of Metropolization’
20 September Application deadline

The goal of sustainable urban development is to enable all people to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising the quality of life of future generations. The term sustainable development includes also human development, values and cultures. The initiators are referring to sustainable human development in order to emphasize issues such as the importance of housing quality and participation in decision-making processes. Therefore, a successful urban planning must consider the urban character and respect the local identity. For present and future generations and the long-term liveability of the metropolis, best practices are needed in order to improve social, economic and environmental conditions.

The objective of this international conference is to analyse and compare housing in the context of metropolization from an interdisciplinary perspective. The aim is to discuss the effect of identity and lifestyle on architecture and urbanism and vice versa in order to reflect on conceptions of ‘home’. Housing goes beyond the simple material dimension; it also includes a social matter. The approach of the conference will not consider the construction process and the economic context as independent from the social context.

Contributors may focus on one or several of the following themes (non-exclusive list):

  • 1.    Metropolization and the right to affordable housing
  • 2.    Metropolization, cultural diversity and viable housing projects
  • 3.    Housing and identities, self, family and community
  • 4.    Innovative approaches in architecture: lifestyle opportunities and design quality
  • 5.    Innovative approaches in urban planning: liveability and sustainability
  • 6.    Residential life in metropolis: between challenges and opportunities

The international online conference will be directly followed by an international online workshop for architects.

International Online Workshop for Architects
Call for Papers and Posters
‘Innovative Approaches on Housing and Metropolization’
20 September Application deadline

Today, with metropolization, it seems difficult to escape a repetitive architecture, due to prefabrication processes used by property developers all around the world. However, for almost everyone, the images evoked by one’s home and town are inextricably linked to processes of identity. The image of the flat is linked to how it is used by the residents from the moment they move in, whether by choice or constrained by circumstances.

The topic of the present workshop is not attached to the past. It does not praise a kind of architecture in particular. It aims to emphasize innovative approaches facing the challenges of contemporary housing projects. The participants will emphasize identities and lifestyles in housing issues. They will make architectural and urban recommendations in the aim to strengthen affordability, flexibility, adaptability to people’s culture and needs. Beyond their appearance that everyone would appreciate in his manner, the proposed housing projects would contain the capacity to be renewed, while leaning on their internal dynamics.

Contributors may focus on one or several of the following themes (non-exclusive list):

  • 1.    Respect of customs and traditions versus modern requirements
  • 2.    Mobility and wellbeing
  • 3.    Flexibility inside internal and external residential spaces
  • 4.    Material of construction and energy efficiency
  • 5.    Cost-efficiency and design quality

Interested participants in both the conference and the workshop are invited to submit an abstract in English (max. 250 words) to the organisers Dr. Lilia Makhloufi,  Ecole Polytechnique d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme (EPAU) in Algiers, Algeria, and Dr. Ammar Abdulrahman, Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, until 20 September 2020 to: agyahousingconference[at]agya.info

Important Dates:

Deadline extended to 20 September 2020: Submission of abstracts (max. 250 words)
23 September 2020: Notification of accepted abstracts
07 October 2020: Submission of pre-recorded videos by accepted participant
Deadline extended to 14 October: Submission of articles (max.6000 words)
14-15 October 2020: Online conference in Berlin, Germany
16 October 2020: Online workshop in Berlin, Germany

Please also find the Call for Papers and Posters with further information below.

Date, Time & Venue

Application Deadline: 20 September 2020



Contact & Registration

Please submit your abstracts and posters to agyahousingconference[at]agya.info

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