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Picture by AGYA/Judith Affolter. AGYA exhibition 'Cinderella, Sindbad & Sinuhe. Arab-German Storytelling Traditions' at Neues Museum Berlin

CfA: AGYA Award for Innovative Initiatives and Projects Promoting the Humanities

10 Aug 2019

Application Deadline

The depth and breadth of the human experience is irreducible to data points. No matter how advanced technology becomes, humans will always need the critical thinking and creativity of philosophers, historians, literary scholars, musicologists, and artists to make meaning of the changing world around us and to imagine different possible futures. AGYA seeks to emphasize the enduring importance of the humanities in research, education and society through a new transnational dialogue on the current role, potential and challenges of the humanities in the Arab world and Germany.
Within the framework of the international AGYA conference on ‘The Place of Humanities in Research, Education and Society: An Arab-German Dialogue’, scheduled to take place in November 2019 in Berlin, AGYA is currently fielding applications for a prize competition to recognize innovative initiatives or projects in the Arab world and Europe that promote the role and value of the humanities in research, education and society. Ten initiatives will be shortlisted to participate in the November conference and compete for two prizes.

For the AGYA Award, we are looking for, e.g.:

  • innovative projects driving humanities forward in educational settings,
  • initiatives translating knowledge to society in journalism or exhibitions,
  • theater or art projects raising awareness for the role of humanities,
  • projects in Digital Humanities that facilitate access to the knowledge of the field.

Initiatives and projects realized in the Arab world, Germany or another European country are welcome to apply.


Application procedure:

Please send a short description of your initiative/project (approx. 1–2 pages) and a short biographical summary of the person designated to present the project at the conference to: humanities[at]agya.info

After the submission deadline, ten initiatives/projects will be shortlisted for the award and invited to take part in a poster presentation during the conference in Berlin. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for one representative of each initiative to attend the conference. Two of the shortlisted initiatives (one from the Arab world and one from Germany or another European country) will be nominated for the AGYA award by the selection committee. They will be honored in an award ceremony on the second day of the conference.

From 8–10 November 2019, the conference will bring together Arab and German key academics, funding officials, and the media to engage in a transnational dialogue about the role of humanities. The poster presentation of the selected projects will raise awareness and make the initiatives known to international experts and opinion leaders.


Abstract submission for the AGYA Award: 10 August 2019    
Poster submission for selected initiatives/projects only: 30 September 2019


Organizers of the conference:

The conference is organized by AGYA members Nuha Al-Shaar (American University of Sharjah), Beate Ulrike La Sala (Freie Universität Berlin), Jenny Rahel Oesterle (Universität Heidelberg), and Barbara Winckler (Universität Münster).
This is a conference of the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) with the kind support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

More information about the conference coming soon.

Date, Time & Venue

Application Deadline: 10 August 2019



Contact & Registration

Please direct any questions at humanities[at]agya.info

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