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The biannual AGYA newsletter provides you with the latest information on activities and projects of the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA): "AGYA in action" presents one of the recent AGYA activities, "AGYA insight" gives you an inside perspective of the AGYA set up, work format and projects of AGYA and "AGYA in discussion" features the exchange of two AGYA members.


AGYA in action: Tying the Past with the Present

AGYA insight: Cultural Exchange Across Borders, Oceans, and Times

AGYA in discussion: Date Fruit - a Link between Traditional and Regenerative Medicine

A Brave New Smart World? The Potential and Limitations of Nano-Technology

AGYA in outreach: AGYA Tandem Project

AGYA in progress: News & Contact

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AGYA in action: A Passion for Math

AGYA insight: AGYA Addresses Challenges in Health and Society

AGYA in discussion:

Dialogue ‘with the Other’, Not Research ‘on the Other’ – The Need for a More Intensive Maghrebi-German Cooperation

Spotlight on Survival Artists: Saltwater Plants as Biomass for
Energy Production?

AGYA in outreach: Launch of the AGYA Policy Report on
Migration and Impressions from the Salon Sophie Charlotte 2017

AGYA in progress: News & Contact

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AGYA in action: Mutual Solutions to Mutual Problems - International AGYA Conference on Migration and Transnational Cooperation in Education, Research and Innovation

AGYA insight: Discovering Food as a Cultural Agent

AGYA in discussion: Climate Change: From Crisis to Cooperation - The Biologists Dr. Yvonne Sawall and Dr. Ahmed Debez discuss Arab and German perspectives on effects of climate change and environmental protection.

AGYA in progress: News & Contact

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AGYA in action: A Landmark for Arab-German Research Cooperation - AGYA receives the enormous funding of 4 million Euros for the next 4 years from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Migration and Higher Education: AGYA brings together Arab and German decision-makers in higher education 

AGYA insight: Hot Encounters: Mold-blown Glass as a Mediterranean Success Story

AGYA in discussion: Young Migrants - A Driving Force for Internationalization of Higher Education? - Dr.  Ammar  Abdulrahman,  Syrian  archeologist  based  in  Germany,  discusses  with  political  scientist  Dr.  Florian  Kohstall  about  the  integration of migrants into the German higher education system.

AGYA in progress: News & Contact

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AGYA in action: The Malta Experience – An Entire Island as a Conference Venue
AGYA insight: AGYA Working Groups Introduce Themselves: “Common Heritage and Common Challenges” and “Energy, Water and Environment”

AGYA in discussion: The Path to Publication - Biologist Skander Elleuche and Geoscientist Jan Friesen talk on publication strategies in natural sciences.

AGYA in progress: News & Contact

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AGYA in action: For the sake of Education - AGYA Education Group held its first focus workshop in Manama, Bahrain

AGYA insight: Meet the First AGYA Steering Committee

AGYA in discussion: The Migration Debate: Insights From the Euro-Mediterranean Zone - Historian Jenny Oesterle and political scientist Tamirace Fakhoury reflect on immigration and refugees.

AGYA in progress: News & Contact

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AGYA in action: A New Crosscultural Think Tank - The Opening Conference of the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) in Germany, Berlin, 20-24 June 2014

AGYA insight: Beyond Boundaries - Prof. Dr. Klaus Lucas, Co-Chair of the AGYA Advisory Board, on the need of interdisciplinary exchange

AGYA in discussion: Media in Transition - International communication scholar Carola Richter and political philosopher Sarhan Dhouib discuss the role of the media in Tunisia and Egypt, expectations and

AGYA in progress: News & Contact

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