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In this section the exchange of two AGYA members is featured.

Date Fruit – a Link between Traditional and Regenerative Medicine

AGYA members Younis Baqi (Chemistry) and Mohamed Abou El-Enein (Health Sciences) are analysing the medical potential of dates for fighting cancer in their Tandem Project ‘Investigating the Bioactive Properties of Natural Products of GCC Origin’.

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A Brave New Smart World? The Potential and Limitations of Nano-Technology

AGYA members Kalman Graffi (Computer Sciences) and Ahmed S. G. Khalil (Physics) discuss the potential and limitations of nano-scale device-to-device communication.

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The Need for a More Intensive Maghrebi-German Cooperation

Algerian nanophysicist Samir Lounis and Tunisian philosopher Sarhan Dhouib discuss the opportunities and challenges of Maghrebi-German cooperation.

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Climate Change: From Crisis to Cooperation

The Biologists Dr. Yvonne Sawall and Dr. Ahmed Debez discuss Arab and German perspectives on the effects of climate change and environmental protection.

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Young Migrants - A Driving Force for Internationalization of Higher Education?

Ammar Abdulrahman, Syrian archeologist based in Germany, discusses with political scientist Florian Kohstall about the integration of migrants into the German higher education system.

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Publication Strategies in Natural Sciences

In natural sciences, researchers mostly publish journal articles on the basis of which they are mainly evaluated. Biologist Skander Elleuche and Geoscientist Jan Friesen talk on publication strategies in natural sciences.

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The Migration Debate: Insights from the Euro-Mediterranean Zone

Historian Jenny Oesterle and political scientist Tamirace Fakhoury reflect on immigration and refugees.

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Nuclear Energy – Still Useful or Obsolete?

Assem Abu Hatab and Christian Klein-Bösing talk about the withdrawal from nuclear energy and the Egyptian dream of building their own nuclear power plant.

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Media in Transition

International Communication Scholar Carola Richter and Political Philosopher Sarhan Dhouib discuss the role of the media in Tunisia and Egypt, expectations and challenges.

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