AGYA Member

Majid Al Busafi


Areas of Expertise:
Sport Sciences, Physical Education, Education, Humanities

About me

I am an associate professor at the College of Education and the director of the Humanities Research Center at Sultan Qaboos University. I work in the fields of health and physical education. One focus of my research is investigating the effects of different types of aerobics exercise on total cholesterol levels. Moreover, I analyse the effectiveness of a specific kids training program for developing physical and perceptual skills.

AGYA offers me the opportunity to research in collaboration with scholars from different countries and disciplines. I appreciate the professional development events such as workshops and conferences run by AGYA, which present excellent occasions for mutual exchange.

Current projects


  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Arab and German Education
  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Health and Society


Academic Career

2020 - Director of Humanities Research Center - Sultan Qaboos University
2018 - Associate Professor - Sultan Qaboos University
2017 - 2018Visiting Professor - Cardiff Metropolitan University - UK
2014 - 2017Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies –College of Education
- Sultan Qaboos University
2012Visiting Scholar – Spring Field College - US
2011 - 2018Assistant Professor - Sultan Qaboos University
2007 - 2011PhD -Faculty of Education, Birmingham University, UK
2004 - 2005MA - Faculty of Education, Wollongong University, Australia.

Selected Publications

  • AL Busafi, M.; Kashef N. Zayed and AL Hdabi, B. (2016). Attitudes of Pre-school Teachers towards Movement Education. Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies. 10-3-2016.
  • AL-Busafi, M. (2013). Coach Education In Oman. International Sport Coaching Journal. 6 (1), Spring, Page: 43 - HUMAN KINETICS.
  • AL-Busafi, M.; Zayed, K.; and Al- Kitani, M. (2013). Evaluation Of Talent Identification Methods For National Teams In The Sultanate Of Oman: Current Models And Future Directions. Gymnasium, Scientific Journal of Education, Sports, and Health. 1(14), Pages: 106 – 119.  
  • AL-Busafi, M.; Waly, W. and Al-Kilani, H. (2013) Nutritional Practices Of Athletes In Oman: A Descriptive Study. Oman Medical Journal. 28 (5). Pages: 360-364.
  • AL-Busafi, M. (2012) MUSLIM WOMEN AND SPORT (Book Review) by Benn, T., Pfister, G., and Jawad, H. (eds,), Women’s Sports and Physical Activity Journal (WSPAJ). 21 (1), Spring, Page:84–85. HUMAN KINETICS.


Sultan Qaboos University, College of Education, Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Humanities Research Center Sultan Qaboos University Sultanate of Oman-Muscat P.O.Box: 32 AL-Khod-P.C: 123


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