Key Activities

Innovative Forms of Science Communication

Science is complex and manifold. All the more, appropriate formats are needed to convey scientific information and results to a wider audience and to make knowledge accessible in an innovative way and from a fresh perspective – for example by combining scientific content and visual art.

1st AGYA Science Comic

The 1st AGYA Science Comic of the AGYA members Skander Elleuche (Biotechnologist) and Jan Friesen (Eco-hydrologist), designed by the illustrators Tyasseta & Siloy, investigates how salt tolerant plants (halophytes) could play a role in the field of sustainable energy production.

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Picture it! The Potential of Halophytes in Bioenergy Production

The 1st AGYA Science Comic was launched on 26 January 2018. The launch event featured keynote lectures, a poster exhibition of the first AGYA science comic, as well as innovative salty culinary treats.

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Communicating Science through Comics: A Method

AGYA members Jan Friesen, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung – UFZ, and Skander Elleuche have published a paper on 'Communicating Science through Comics: A Method' where they suggest a flexible framework to translate a complex scientific publication into a comprehensible comic format.

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The Science Jinn Gets to Know ... Smart & Sustainable Cities

The AGYA Science Jinn explains scientific findings in a comprehensible way. Moreover, he is passionate about fun facts and interesting figures. In this edition, the AGYA Science Jinn explains 'Smart & Sustainable Cities'.

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