Who Reads Modern Arabic Literature, How and Why?

This conference focuses on the reader rather than the text. The reader, who is actively constructing texts rather than passively consuming them, is considered an essential key to understand literature in its relationship with culture and society.

Arab and German scholars from diverse fields such as literary studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, media and communication studies, translation studies, anthropology, ethnography, social sciences, history and digital humanities will present contributions. They are invited to exchange on interdisciplinary approaches to texts and readers, communities and practices, media and institutions, translations and adaptations, distribution and receptions. The overall aim is to discover the reader of modern Arabic literature. 

Contact & Registration

If you are interested to register for the conference, please contact christian.junge@staff.uni-marburg.de.

Date: 05 October - 07 October 2022

Venue: Philipps-University Marburg, Germany

Language: English

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