Open Door Event: AGYA at Salon Sophie Charlotte 2023

AGYA joins the BBAW Salon Sophie Charlotte 2023 on the topic ‘Enlightenment 2.0’. This year, AGYA presents a Science Walk through the BBAW garden, an audiovisual interactive installation and a Science Café with stand-up talks and coffee tasting.

AGYA Science Café – Coffee Tasting & Stand-up Science Talks

Coffee was the engine that helped drive the enlightenment. As centres of enlightenment thinking, coffee houses flourished over the whole of Europe. AGYA opens its very own AGYA Science Café to taste and experience Arab and German coffee pleasures in an exclusive combination with stand-up talks by AGYA members and alumni/ae and their enlightening takes on science. Visitors are invited to take a sip of cultural diversity, explore the hospitality of coffee cultures, and join stand up talks on Arab-German perspectives on Enlightenment in the context of faith, feminism, decolonization, tolerance and diversity.

Entering the AGYA Science Café, the audience is welcomed by an audio-visual, interactive whole-room installation that responds to the actions of its visitors, enabling an experience of oneself as a fragmented and enlightened wall projection.

AGYA Science Walk through the green treasures of the Academy Garden

The Enlightenment extended the values of human reason, tolerance and liberty also to gardens and their design. Transforming the BBAW garden into the AGYA Science Walk, visitors are invited to follow the track step by step from urban vertical farming and food security, plants and herbs in nanomedicine as well as plants as cultural heritage to current voices on Enlightenment(s). The audience can follow the track and explore gardens, horticulture, and plants of the Enlightenment, highlighted in their historical as well as contemporary context, so to speak 2.0. Beginning at the rotunda on the ground floor, the track guides through the BBAW garden – soap box talks by AGYA members and alumni/ae will offer inspiration along the way.

The complete program will be published in due course.


Date: 13 May 2023

Time: 05:00 pm - 10:59 pm

Venue: Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), Berlin

Language: English, German

Calendar: ICS/ICAl

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Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities