Conference: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Heritage Sites in Danger

Conference Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Heritage Sites in Danger

The cultural heritage in the Arab region is rich, diverse, and covers different historical periods. However, the number of heritage sites in danger in the Arab world is significant according to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The reasons vary from abandonment due to the lack of supporting resources, deterioration due to climatic influences to destruction in the context of political conflicts.

Sharing experiences on local preservation strategies, comparing perceptions of heritage and determining the value of cultural heritage for identity formation will be the focus of the online conference. The event brings together international experts in archaeology, restoration, museology and social sciences as well as education and psychology from Syria, Algeria and Germany.

Syrian and Algerian Heritage Sites in Focus

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites Bosra in Syria and Ghardaïa in Algeria set the regional framework for the conference. Invited speakers will present recent research results including archaeological investigations on these threatened sites. Experts on Syrian cultural and archaeological heritage will add to the bigger picture by introducing further Syrian sites and case studies. The second part of the conference is dedicated to the role of cultural heritage for local and exiled communities. The findings of an empirical study on the perception of cultural heritage by Syrian and Algerian youth in Berlin will be compared with experiences with local communities in Syria.

Perspectives on cultural heritage across different disciplines and across countries will be combined and innovative solutions for preserving heritage sites in danger developed.

The conference is part of the tandem project ‘Analysis of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: An Interdisciplinary Perspective between Algeria, Germany and Syria’.


Date: 14 December - 16 December 2021

Time: 09:00 am - 08:00 pm

Venue: online

Language: English, French, Arabic


The city of Ghardaïa in Algeria Lilia Makhloufi