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Twinning for Innovation



Vision and objectives

The interdisciplinary project Twinning for Innovation is located at the interface between science and society and aims at the establishment of transnational initiatives for technology and knowledge transfer on the grassroots level. Twinning for Innovation focuses especially on collaboration between Arab and German FabLabs (Fabrication Laboratories).

Community-operated, self-organized open manufacturing spaces like FabLabs deliver an easy access to means of production and their utilization. As places for encountering, learning, experimenting, joint creativity and value creation, they empower their users to participate in value creation and develop innovation capabilities that fit local needs and resource availability. FabLabs are workshops offering equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and other digitally controlled devices for communities.
Twinning as organization-to-organization co-operation leads to mutual exchange between entities with divergent cultural backgrounds but similar structures and objectives. Both, German and Arab FabLabs will benefit from Twinning through:

  • Transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer
  • Building and providing expertise
  • Fostering sustainable development
  • Empowerment of local actors



Member in Charge


Tobias Redlich

is Scientific Head of Laboratory, Chief Engineer, Senior Lecturer & Head of the Research Group ”Value Creation Systematics” at the Institute of Production Engineering (LaFT), Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg.

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