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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." (Buckminster Fuller).

New technologies and their acceptance in society nowadays are strong economic and social factors. Yet the transition from an idea to the final product and the adoption of new technologies are still a challenge, and it is essential to understand the interconnected processes to shape a sustainable culture of innovation. In order to achieve a common understanding of innovation and its impact on society, the working group intends to enable individuals as well as international institutions to support new technologies. The group also aims at identifying the best practices of innovation for establishing new forms of north-south cooperation.

Working Group Projects


Project: Twinning for Innovation

The project is located at the interface between science and society and aims at the establishment of transnational initiatives for technology and knowledge transfer on the grassroots level.

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Workshop: Twinning for Innovation

Delivering an easy access to robust and easy-to-handle means of production, FabLabs provide an enormous potential to be nuclei for enhancing and initiating innovation capabilities at a grassroots level. Preliminary results of the project Twinning for Innovation were presented and discussed with Arab and German FabLab representatives during a workshop in Jeddah.

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Members in Charge


Kalman Graffi

is Junior Professor and Head of the Laboratory for Technology of Social Networks at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. He sees the vision of AGYA in connecting interdisciplinary and cross-cultural active scientists in their endeavors to advance science and their societies.

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Oliver Korn

is Professor for Human Computer Interaction at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. He is also Founder and Director of the software company KORION GmbH.

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