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Energy, Water and Environment

Finite resources are a general and worldwide challenge. They range from the limited supply of fossil fuel to the availability of a clean and habitable environment, fresh water and food. The strategies to protect the environment and to reach a sustainable energy supply differ locally, from the governmental to the individual level in the Arab world and in Germany. The working group on Energy, Water and Environment assesses the public perception of current initiatives and develops recommendations for energy policies. On this behalf they consider the local needs in both worlds.

Working Group Projects


Nanotechnology Applications in Energy, Environment and Health: Benefits and Potential Risks

Nanotechnology is a novel and emerging field with many chances and benefits yet also with many potential risks. The international AGYA workshop from 31 October to 3 November 2017 brought together experts in Rabat, Morocco, to debate benefits and challenges of nanotechnology applications.

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Training Course on Solar Energy

More than 500 students have applied to the open call for participation in the course. 20 applicants have been selected. They were trained inter alia in Solar Radiation and Thermal Systems; Pyranometar and Solar Path Finder; Photovoltaics; Polysun Software or Solar Desalination.

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Women in STEM Education and Career Pathways

Women face diverse challenges when they pursue an engineering education and when they decide to apply for engineering careers, both within the academia and in the private sector. Educational constraints, cultural norms and prejudices influence opportunities and choices. The workshop aimed to increase interest in engineering among women in STEM education, while raising awareness about engineers' contributions to the community.

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Food Security, Migration and Climate Change

Food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food systems stability are strongly linked to dimensions of climate change and its effects. The workshop brought together AGYA members and high ranking experts to discuss the links between food security, migration and climate change.

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Arab and German Perspectives on Controversially Perceived Technologies and Subjects

The project aims at reflecting upon current controversies in the Arab world and Germany on the use of different technologies regarding Nature Conservation, Wastewater Treatment, Climate Engineering, Solar Energy and Biomass Usage.

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Members in Charge

Lalla Btissam Drissi

Mohammed V University-Agdal Faculty of Science Department of Physics

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Jan Friesen

Environmental Studies
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Department Catchment Hydrology

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Ahmed Saad Gomaa Khalil

Cairo University Egypt Nanotechnology Research Center (EGNC)

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