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Media Representations of Law and Justice

19 - 21 Aug 2020 | 2 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Law and/in popular culture has been an emerging field of research (at least) since the 1980s. Its initial prominence was primarily limited to North America – the main hub of popular legal culture which, through various kinds of movies and television shows, impinged on what people generally believe about law and legal institutions. By now, the interrelation of law and popular culture has made its way into European legal academia. In addition, a few transnational comparative studies on how law and justice are portrayed in movies and fictional television dramas have been conducted, providing additional insight for both scholars of law and media studies.

At the same time, the law and/in popular culture discourse has been largely restricted to Europe and North America, both in terms of sites of knowledge production and media formats explored. Research usually centers on ‘Western’ legal culture and its cinematic/televised representations. Oftentimes, non-‘Western’ legal traditions and systems are only portrayed as supposed counter-examples to the liberal state under the rule of law that is promoted in dominant popular culture.

The workshop ‘Media Representations of Law and Justice: Middle Eastern Perspectives’ moves away from this established regional focus by specifically engaging Middle Eastern legal regimes and their respective local media depictions from within. Scholars from different regional sites, including Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, and Turkey, will present and discuss their research on legal dramas and movies with experts from law, media and communication studies, as well as Middle Eastern Studies. The workshop is organized by AGYA member Lena-Maria Möller and AGYA alumna Hanan Badr.

The online workshop is open to engaged listeners.

Date, Time & Venue

19 − 21 August 2020, 2 − 5:30 p.m. CET,



Contact & Registration

To register, please contact Julia Hotopp at jh93saro[at]studserv.uni-leipzig.de by 10 August 2020.

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