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Materials for Energy Part I: Interdisciplinary Online Training

24 - 25 Oct 2020


Materials have always been the basis and starting point for new technologies and profound changes in society. Future energy technologies will place increasing demands on materials performance. Educational approaches in this field must be more interdisciplinary to meet the requirements of recent developments in materials sciences.

The planned two-day online workshop focuses on different aspects of sustainable materials for energy production. High-ranking international speakers train the participants in the highly innovative field of new materials. Especially in times when access to research institutions is limited and researchers cannot pursue their laboratory research as usual due to pandemic-related shutdowns, the online workshop provides an alternative and interdisciplinary platform for the presentation and discussion of recent research results and developments in the field of material science.

The AGYA workshop aims at establishing an interdisciplinary network of excellence of young researchers and high-profile experts in the field of new materials and energy technology. The workshop is open for Arab and German graduate students from various disciplines in the technical and natural sciences with a particular research interest in new materials used in energy technologies. Both the training and the exchange during the workshop will take place online.

The workshop provides the participants with the following cutting-edge theoretical and methodological knowledge on the research of innovative materials as well as with aspects of outreach and science communication:

  • Synthesis and characterization of different types of materials
  • Materials development for energy systems
  • Explanation of working principles of various energy-based materials for further applications
  • Design of energy materials from a theoretical point of view
  • Outreach and science communication in the field of new materials: working outside the lab

Date, Time & Venue

24 - 25 October 2020






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