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Workshop 'Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Countries: Lessons from Bosnia-Herzegovina'

03 - 08 Sep 2018

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the AGYA workshop on ‘Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Countries: Lessons from Bosnia-Herzegovina’ in September 2018, an interdisciplinary group of AGYA members will be joined by experts and practitioners in the field of reconciliation from (post)conflict Arab countries to share ideas and experiences on re-conciliation. The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is meant to stimulate debates about the current fate and future paths of the respective Arab countries that may help to avoid mistakes done in BiH and to apply measures that helped to overcome segregation. Academic discussions, including speakers from the University of Sarajevo, will be complemented with field trips and meetings with representatives from politics, civil society, media and the religious field. As a result, a mosaic picture of possible measures will emerge that helps to carve future reconciliation plans that can be discussed among the AGYA members and the invited experts and practitioners. 

Date, Time & Venue

3 – 8 September 2018,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina



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Participation only upon invitation.



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