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Workshop 'The Area Studies Controversy Revisited'

29 - 30 Sep 2018

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Originally, the Area Studies Controversy highlighted the alleged incompatibility of social sciences and regional studies. In this sense, it was argued that social science theorizing is often based on a universalism that risks not properly taking into account existing cultural variations of specific regions, such as the Middle East. Regional studies, such as Middle East Studies, in turn, tend to be preoccupied with a particularistic perspective that claims that the region is unique and not comparable to other regions in the world.

On this basis, it can be highlight that there is need to move forward the Area Studies Controversy by taking Edward Said’s critique of Orientalism and the subsequent debate more seriously. It follows that the universalism of social sciences rests on Eurocentric foundations and that regional studies are informed by universalist, Eurocentric epistemologies and ontologies, too. Therefore, as what can be understood as a second generation of the Area Studies Controversy, the AGYA workshop problematizes the Western origins of most conceptual and theoretical approaches, be it in social sciences or regional studies.

A preliminary program of the workshop will be made available soon.

Date, Time & Venue

29 - 30 September 2018,
American University of Beirut, Lebanon



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Participation upon invitation
Please direct any questions at eva.schmidt[at]bbaw.de



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