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Workshop on 'Active Pedagogical Techniques in Higher Education'

03 - 05 Oct 2018

Mutah University, Jordan

Incorporation of learner-centered pedagogy into the instructional design of academic courses was reported to improve the students' learning experiences through the promotion of critical thinking and problem solving skills. However, from a methodological point of view, persuasion of educators to change from the traditional "lecture format" to the more innovative "active teaching methods" is a challenging task, as this requires the reconstruction of the courses to allow for the implementation of the new learning methods.
In this context, the aim of the AGYA workshop 'Active Pedagogical Techniques in Higher Education: Combining Multidisciplinary Learner-Centered Educational Experiences from Egypt, Germany, Malaysia and the United States' is to raise awareness of the importance of active learning instructional approaches in maximizing learning outcomes, and provides a methodology for higher education academic curricula reconstruction. The impact of active learning techniques in sustainable development and entrepreneurship will also be highlighted by the international speakers participating in the workshop. Furthermore, the workshop aims to uncover the possible misconceptions and challenges facing the implementation of active learning techniques in educational courses, especially in the Arab countries, in order to come up with recommendations addressing these challenges. A report of these recommendations, as an outcome of this workshop, will be circulated among educational institutes.

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03 - 05 October 2018
Mutah University, Jordan



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