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Social Robots - A Workshop on the Past, the Present, and the Future of Digital Companions

27 - 29 Jun 2018

Corfu, Greece

Social robots do not only work with humans in collaborative workspaces but they also follow us into much more personal settings like home and in health care. The AGYA workshop will cover the phenomenon of social robots ranging from the historic roots to today’s best practices up to future perspectives. Both the technological and the ethical challenges arising will be discussed. The aim is to create a guideline for the intended design space for future developments in social robotics. The interdisciplinary workshop is organised by AGYA members Oliver Korn, Christian Fron, and Dominik L. Michels together with Gerald Bieber. It is part of PETRA 2018, the 11th ACM Conference on "Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments", which takes place from 27 to 29 June 2018 in Greece.

Oliver Korn: Perspectives of Social Robots

Selected Papers
Astrid Weiss and Glenda Hannibal: What Makes People Accept or Reject Companion Robots? A Research Agenda

Anja Richert and Sarah Müller: The Big-Five Personality Dimensions and Attitudes Towards Robots: A Cross-Sectional Study

Martina Uhlig, Martin Gmür, and Peter Klein: Creating Multi-Modal Interfaces for Assistive Robots

Christoph Stahl, Dimitra Anastasiou, and Thibaud Latour: Social Telepresence Robots – The Role of Gesture for Collaboration Over a Distance

Gerald Bieber, Niklas Antony, and Marian Haescher: Touchless Heart Rate Recognition by Robots to Support Natural Human-Robot Communication

Lucas Paletta, Maria Fellner, Sandra Schüssler, Julia Zuschnegg, Josef Steiner, Alexander Lerch, Lara Lammer, and Dimitrios Prodromou: AMIGO – Towards Social Robot based Motivation for Playful Multimodal Intervention in Dementia

Closing lecture
Oliver Korn: Intercultural Acceptance of Social Robots

Please find more information about the workshop here.

More information about the AGYA project ‘Perspectives on Social Robots’, conducted by AGYA member Oliver Korn here.

Date, Time & Venue

27 – 29 June 2018,
Corfu Holiday Palace Hote, Corfu, Greece



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