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Precision Enigineering of the Genome - Ethical Perspectives in Societies with Islamic and Christian Heritage

16 - 17 Dec 2017

Hammamet, Tunisia

Genome Editing (GE) allows the precise engineering of the DNA (genetic information) of all organisms, including animals, humans, plants and microorganisms. Recent technological breakthroughs in modern biology have drastically facilitated the genetic engineering at predefined positions in the genome with very high precision. One of these technologies uses the so-called CRISPR-Cas9 method, which during the last four years has gained very wide attention both, among genome researchers and the public. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the ethical issues arising from the use of genome editing technologies. The workshop will increase awareness about the current status of the opportunities and potential threats of genome editing and will identify potential differences in Islamic and Christian ethical interpretations and potential consequences in the Arab World and Germany.
The workshop will first present the current technical status of GE in key fields of human medical science and crop breeding, and will highlight achievements obtained so far and future developments and breakthroughs expected in research and application (in medicine, plant breeding, biotechnology).
In the second part of the workshop, major ethical/theological interpretations of the application of GE to humans and crops will be presented in talks. Potential differences in perceptions and interpretations of GE applications between Islamic and Christian views will be highlighted and conclusions derived from them will be drawn and contrasted.
In the third part of the workshop the participants will form 2-3 working groups to address, together with the expert speakers, further aspects of GE and its perception in Islamic vs. Christian religions, identify open points for future discussions, and discuss potential ways of disseminating the results of the workshop to the wider Public.

Date, Time & Venue

16-17 December 2017
Hammamet, Tunisia



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