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Discovering Common Roots: Sicily and the Mediterranean. A History of Pluralistic Traditions

11 - 13 Dec 2017

University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy

While the legacies of past and present cross-cultural encounters in Spain, Malta and other Mediterranean regions have received much scholarly attention, Sicily's importance and its significance as a key Mediterranean crossroads have been neglected far too often. This AGYA conference explores the culture of dialogue and exchange between Europe and the Arab world by looking at the hybrid cultural elements of Sicily. The island has been an integral part of hegemonic European geopolitical formations for centuries. It has always been a meeting hub where civilizations transformed one another and gave life to the cultural developments at the foundation of European modernity. The conference will focus on the Sicilian-Arab exchange of cultures, starting with the Fatimid Emirate of Sicily, replaced by the Normans which contributed to the formation of the social fabric of Sicily. It also takes a look at the German influence represented by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, who embodied the fusion the Western and the Arab world and who was known for his respectful relations with his Arab neighbours.

The AGYA conference is organized in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Palermo and the Department of Humanities (Arab and Islamic Studies).

Conference Scientific Committee:

Dr. Nuha Alshaar, Arab-German Young Academy of Research in Science and Humanities
Prof. Antonino Pellitteri, Full Professor of History of Arab Countries and Islamic Studies
Dr. Ammar Abdulrahman, Arab-German Young Academy of Research in Science and Humanities
Dr. Norman Domeier, Arab-German Young Academy of Research in Science and Humanities
Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn, Arab-German Young Academy of Research in Science and Humanities


Conference Program 

Please scroll down for the conference program file (pdf download)

11 December, Palazzo Chiaramonte “Lo Steri”, Sala delle Capriate

9.00h            Welcome Remarks

9.30h            Panel 1: Sicily and the Fatimids of North-Africa

11.30h          Panel 2: Artistic Traditions of Sicily

14.30h          Panel 3: Sicily and the Philosophical Traditions

12 December, University of Palermo, Aula Magna

9.30h            Panel 1: Poetry and Literature

11.45h          Panel 2: Archaeology and Coins

14.30h          Panel 3: Sicily and Current Issues

16.00h          Panel Discussion: Sicily Past and Present

18.00h          Public Concert with Milagro Acustico 


Date, Time & Venue

11 December 2017, 9 am, Palazzo Chiaramonte, "Lo Steri", Sala delle Capriate, Palermo
12 December 2017, 9.30 am, University of Palermo, Aula Magna, Viale delle Scienze, edificio 12, Palermo



Contact & Registration

Dr. Nuha Alshaar: nalshaar[at]aus.edu




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