Tandem Project

First Congress for Avant-Garde Arab Music: Critical Reflections and New Compositions



The merge of traditional musical elements with classical music contributes to the creation of a more global transcultural music. Musicologists, Musicians, and Composers will discuss recent developments of avant-garde music from an Arab and German perspective.

In the Arab world, however, this movement is not perceived in its diversity. The aim of the ‘First Congress for Avant-Garde Arab Music’ is to bring together practitioners and researchers to discuss possible approaches to further develop Arab academic music and their possible societal benefits such as music education and music therapy.
The event consists of three parts: 1) an academic symposium, 2) a hands-on music workshop for students as well as 3) a public concert.

Music Workshop
20 December 2019 at the Higher Institute of Music, Tunis

21 December 2019 at Cultural City, Tunis

Public Concert

21 December 2019 at Cultural City, Tunis

Members in Charge

Mohammed Alkatan

Medical and Health Sciences
The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training

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Rami Chahin

Oldenburg University Fakultät III - Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften

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DATE and Venue of the project

20 - 21 December 2019
Higher Institute of Music, Tunis, Tunisia
Cultural City, Tunis, Tunisia

Pictures by AGYA

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