Research Projects

Tandem Projects

The tandem projects offer the opportunity to carry out joint research projects and academic exchange on a bilateral level. Under this format, one Arab and one German member of AGYA work together. Within this close collaborative partnership, the members can intensively learn from and with each other, beyond their disciplinary boundaries.


Workshop 'Buddha: The Story of a Christian-Muslim Saint'

In July 2017, AGYA Members Bilal Orfali and Kirill Dmitriev brought together academics from different disciplines to discuss the peregrination of the biography of Gautama Buddha in time, space and imagination.

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Cross-Cultural Exchange via Translation - Tandem Translation Workshop for Students from Germany and Tunisia

To experience the ambiguity of literary texts and the limitations of translatability AGYA members Barbara Winckler and Anis Ben Amor brought together German and Tunisian students in a translation workshop.

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Tunisia at the Crossroads: Media and Politics in a Changing Region

The Tandem Project "Tunisia at the Crossroads" aims to analyze the relations between politics, media, and socio-economic factors in order to define the role of media and public sphere in emerging transformation processes. The study scrutinizes the media agenda building effects from 2008-2011.

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Saltwater plants as biomass for energy production?

Saltwater plants as biomass might be a future source of energy – an interdisciplinary review by AGYA members Ahmed Debez (Biology), Skander Elleuche (Biology), Jan Friesen (Environmental Studies) and Carsten Montzka (Computer Sciences, Environmental Studies).

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Conference: "Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Maaloula" at the University of Tübingen

The conference at the University of Tübingen (7 to 9 November 2016) organized by Ammar Abdulrahman and Jens Scheiner brought together experts from Syria and Germany to discuss the tangible and intangible heritage of the village of Maaloula.

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Teaming Up Crop Genomics Research in Arab and German Institutions

AGYA members Salma Balazadeh and Henda Mahmoudi explore possible ways of cooperation to contribute to the global research activities of improving the tolerance of crops against adverse environmental stress.

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Conference Panel "Parliaments in the Middle East and North Africa"

With the panel on Arab parliaments at the Conference of the “ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments” Jan Völkel and Florian Kohstall addressed a research gap about elected representative institutions in the Arab world.

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