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Podcast: 'AGYA goes viral'!

Welcome to the podcast ‘AGYA goes viral’! We here at the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) invite you to join us as we explore the diverse implications of COVID-19 for science and society at large.
In each episode, Arab and German AGYA members and alumni from different scientific disciplines come together to discuss research on and amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. As the current situation challenges our societies in unprecedented ways, we hope this platform will serve as a space for dialogue and lead to inspiring exchange.

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  • Research in the Humanities

    Episode 2 – Jun 2020

    In this podcast episode, two AGYA alumni, Professor Julia Hauser from Germany and Professor Bilal Orfali from Lebanon, discuss the implications of COVID-19 on research in the humanities. Julia focuses on the history of masks and the public perception of facial covering in Europe, while Bilal illustrates how Sufi practises in Islamic mystical traditions can offer spiritual guidance in times of crisis.

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  • Hajj & Health

    Episode 1 – May 2020

    In this podcast episode, we welcome AGYA members Professor Lena-Maria Möller from Germany and Professor Mohammed Alkatan from Kuwait. Their conversation will delve into the implications of COVID-19 for the Islamic pilgrimage, the Hajj, and for public health.

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