AGYA Member

Amro Babiker Hassan Eltayeb

Environmental Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Postharvest Pest Control (Application of Physical Control Methods), Food Safety, Food Waste Management

About me

Since 2012, I have been working as assistant professor at the National Center for Research (NCR), Environment and Natural Recourses and Desertification Research Institute (ENDRI), in Sudan. Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Bern through a postdoctoral fellowship of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship.

Food safety is my scientific focus: I am looking for applications of non-chemical treatments to eliminate contaminants such as store pests (insects and fungi), as well as to improve the functional properties, nutritional safety and quality of agricultural products such as cereal grains, legume and oilseeds. Moreover, I am interested in the recycling of food waste from fruits, vegetables and traditional food as a natural source of bioactive compounds.

Within AGYA, I joined the Energy, Water and Environment Working Group to initiate research in the field of postharvest pest control and food safety. Particularly, I aim to examine with my AGYA fellow members how solar energy can inactivate pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). Hopefully this will enhance the nutritional and quality characteristics of agricultural products to improve the food security and health status of low-income people and their livelihood in developing countries.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Energy, Water and Environment

Academic Career

2012 -Assistant Professor (Researcher), Environment and Natural Recourses and Desertification Research Institute, (ENDRI), Department Researches and Studies of Environmental Pollution, National Center for Research; Khartoum, Sudan
2017 - 2018Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Food Safety (FCS), Faculty of Science, University of Bern; Switzerland
2009 - 2012DAAD-PhD-Scholarship, Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Georg-August University Göttingen; Germany
2006 - 2012Researcher, Environment and Natural Recourses Research Institute, (ENRRI), Department of Researches and Studies of Environmental Pollution, National Center for Research; Sudan
2002 - 2004Master of Science in Food Science and Technology, Graduate College, University of Khartoum; Sudan

Selected Publications

  • Amro B. Hassan, Dieter von Hoersten and Isam A. Mohamed Ahmed (2019). Effect of Radio Frequency Heat Treatment on Protein Profile and Functional Properties of Maize Grain. Food Chemistry.  271, 142 – 147.
  • Khitma A. Sir Elkhatim, Randa A.A. Elagib and Amro B. Hassan (2018). Content of Phenolic Compounds and Vitamin C and Antioxidants Activity in Wasted Parts of Sudanese Citrus Fruits. Food science and nutrition.  6, 1214–1219. DOI: 10.1002/fsn3.660
  • Amro B. Hassan, Nagat S. Mahmoud, Khalid Elmamoun, Oladipupo Q. Adiamo, Isam A. Mohamed Ahmed (2018). Changes in Protein Digestibility, Fractions Content and Functional Properties of Sesame Flour as Influence by Gamma Radiation. Radiation Physics and Chemistry. Volume 144, 85-91.

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National Center for Research Environment, Natural Resources & Desertification Research Institute

P.O. Box 6096 Khartoum Sudan

+249 114928606

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