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Christian Fron

Ancient History

Areas of Expertise:
Travelling Habits & Mobility in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean, Intercultural Contacts & their Impact in Ancient Everyday Life, the Role of the Speaker in Ancient Society, Water Management

About me

Christian Fron is Research Associate for Ancient History at the University of Heidelberg:

My research focuses on cultural and social exchange; especially the cultural impact of the Graeco-Roman provinces in the Levant, as well as the Levantine influence on the ancient Greek scholars. During my academic career I benefited a lot from the exchange and cooperation with researchers from other disciplines, e.g. since I am working on the acoustic and visual reconstruction of ancient council halls, I closely collaborate with the Department of Architecture as well as the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics.

Within AGYA I am eager to search for elements of European-Arab contacts, mutual interference and its gains as well as for the progressively developing images of identity and alterity. Moreover I am looking forward to upcoming interdisciplinary exchange, new stimuli and insights.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Common Heritage and Common Challenges

Academic Career

2016 -Research Associate, Department of Ancient History and Epigraphy, University of Heidelberg; Germany
2014 - 2016Research Associate, Department of Ancient History, University of Stuttgart; Germany
2014PhD in Ancient History, University of Stuttgart; Germany
2010 - 2014Doctoral candidate, University of Stuttgart; Germany
2009First State Examination in History and Mathematics, University of Stuttgart; Germany

Selected Publications

  • Fron, C. (forthcoming). „Der Gelehrte auf Reisen. Zur Bedeutung von Mobilität für die Pepaideume­noi des 1.-4. Jh. n. Chr.“, Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte. Walter-De-Gruyter.
  • Fron, C. (forthcoming). Entwicklungsberichte und Empfehlungsschreiben. Kommunikationsstrate­gien bei der Korrespondenz von Libanios mit Eltern und Kollegen hinsichtlich seiner Schüler, Adressat und Adressant. Kommunikationsstrategien im anti­ken Brief. Eichstätt.
  • Fron, C., Stappmanns, V., Zhou, X. (in print). Comparing Greek bouleuteria and Roman curiae. Parallels and differences in the acoustic reconstruction and simulation of Roman senate sessions and Greek boule-meetings, New Approaches and Para­digms in the Study of Greek Architecture International Conference at Cotsen Hall, ASCSA, Nov 3-5, 2016.

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University of Heidelberg, Department of Ancient History and Epigraphy

Marstallhof 4 69117 Heidelberg Germany


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