AGYA Member

Barbara Winckler

Arabic & Islamic Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Modern Arabic Literature & Culture, Arab ‘Renaissance’ in the 19th century (Nahda)

About me

As scholar of Arabic Studies, especially modern Arabic literature, war and post-war discourses in Lebanon, literary theory and gender studies, the AGYA provides me an opportunity to significantly broaden the scope of potential cooperation, particularly with colleagues from other disciplines.

Throughout my academic career I aimed to extract Arabic literature from a niche status as something exotic and bridge the gap to other philological disciplines; e. g. at my current position as Junior Professor at the University of Münster - as scholars and teachers we are obliged to identify and take up the challenges and responsibilities presented by our own society as well as others.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Groups Common Heritage and Common Challenges & Arab and German Education

Academic Career

2013 -Junior Professor, Modern Arabic Literature & Culture, University of Münster; Germany
2011 - 2013Acting Chair for Arabic Studies, Free University of Berlin (FU); Germany
2009 - 2010Research Fellow, Center for Literary & Cultural Research Berlin, Project: “Topography of the Plural Cultures of Europe, Regarding the ‘Shift of Europe to the East’” (funded by the BMBF)
2009Dr phil. in Arabic Studies, FU; Germany
2008Research Fellow, Project: “Contemporary Lebanese Literature between National Identity, Levantine Tradition and Internationality” (funded by DFG), Institute for Semitic & Arabic Studies, FU; Germany
2002 - 2003Member of staff of the cultural association Westöstlicher Diwan e. V.Editorial staff of the magazine for Arabic and German poetry diwan (Berlin)
2001 - 2008Junior Lecturer, Institute for Semitic & Arabic Studies, FU; Germany
2001M.A. in Islamic Studies (minors: French Literature, Cultural Anthropology), FU; Germany

Selected Publications

  • Winckler, B. (forthcoming). “al-Fāryāq`s Travels: Subverting Representations of Europe in al-Sāq `alā l-sāq”, in Al-Bagdadi, N., Traboulsi, F. & Winckler, B. (eds.). A Life in Praise of Words. Aḥmad Fāris al-Shidyāq and the Nineteenth Century. Literaturen im Kontext, 37. Wiesbaden.
  • Winckler, B. (2014). Grenzgänge. Androgynie – Wahnsinn – Utopie im Romanwerk von Hudā Barakāt, Wiesbaden.
  • Winckler, B. (2013). „Jenseits der Dichotomien. Ein Gründungstext der arabischen Moderne“, in Andronikashvili, Z. et al. (eds.). Die Ordnung pluraler Kulturen. Figurationen europäischer Kulturgeschichte, vom Osten her gesehen. Berlin. 52-64.


University of Münster Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies

Schlaunstraße 2 48143 Münster Germany

+49 251 832 4571

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