Maha Al-Hendawi


Areas of Expertise for Media Inquiries:
Educational Policies and Reform Initiatives, Higher Education, Best Practices in Education, Innovation in Curriculum Design, Civic Engagement

About me

Maha Al-Hendawi is Assistant Professor of Education and Director of the Core Curriculum Program and the Foundation Program at Qatar University:

My responsibilities include providing academic leadership in teaching, learning, faculty professional development, curriculum development, assessment as well as instructional design and technology. I am also responsible for conducting faculty needs analyses, and the development of materials and curricula according to student needs.

Being a researcher in the field of education, my professional objective is to reconcile education with the rest of society by promoting critical thinking and a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. By using this approach, students will be empowered as tolerant individuals and social justice agents. In my work, I am successfully bridging the gap between educational theories and practices in order to enhance transformative education for future teachers.

My interests also include areas related to general education offered in institutions of higher learning in the region and in other parts of the world. I am also involved in youth development through training programs to equip youth with a wide range of values, skills and knowledge. Youth who undergoe the program will have a global outlook and being able to promote a kind of understanding and acceptance of ethnic, cultural, and religious differences required in an increasingly diverse society.

Current projects


  • Member of the AGYA Working Groups Arab and German Education & Common Heritage and Common Challenges
  • Associate Editor, Journal of International Special Needs Education (a multi-disciplinary journal for CEC Division of International Special Education and Services (DISES) members and members of the international scientific community with information that reflects the field of special education around the world).
  • Co-Principal Investigator at the project “Qatari Students Educational and Labor Force Behaviours and Choices: Understanding the Role of Individual, Institutional and Group Level Influences”; Sponsored by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).

Academic Career

Selected Publications


  • Al-Hendawi, M., & Keller, C. (2014). Beyond the walls of the school: Risk factors and children and youth in the Gulf. Near and Middle Eastern Journal of Research in Education.
  • Keller, C., Al-Hendawi, M., & Anastasio, D. (2013). In P. Garner, J. Kauffman, & J. Elliott (Eds.), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: challenges and tensions. The SAGE Handbook of Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties (2nd ed.). London: Sage Publications.
  • Al-Hendawi, M. (2012). Academic Engagement of Students with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders: Existing Research, Issues, and Future Directions. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 17(2), 125–141.
  • Al-Hendawi, M. (2010). The predictive relationship between temperament, school adjustment, and academic achievement: A 2-year longitudinal study of children at-risk. Dissertation Abstract International, 72(2). (UMI No. AAT 3432607).


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