AGYA Member

Pierre Thielbörger


Areas of Expertise:
Law & Governance of Climate Change, International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict; Human Rights; International Criminal Law; Constitutional Law

About me

Exchanges with academics from other disciplines have always given me invaluable lessons for my research and teaching. This interdisciplinary interest is mirrored in my education: While I consider myself a lawyer, I have received a Bachelor degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Public Policy.

As an international lawyer, I have a strong interest in other societies and other legal systems. One of the main fields of my previous research is human rights relating to the access to drinking water. Both elements of this research – human rights and access to water – are perceived very differently in the European and the Arab world. As member of the AGYA, I want to develop strong links to academics in the Arab world, thereby especially challenging their views on human rights and questioning our own ones.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Common Heritage and Common Challenges: current project: the Conference on Malta, September 2015
  • Member of the Task Force for Developing an AGYA Constitution

Academic Career


2014 -

Chair for Public and International Law & Executive Director, Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV), Ruhr University Bochum (RUB); Germany
2011 - 2014Junior Professor, International Law & International Humanitarian Law, IFHV & Faculty of Law, RUB; Germany
2010PhD, European University Institute (EUI); Florence, Italy & Harvard University (HU); Cambridge/MA, USA
2010MA of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, HU; Cambridge/MA, USA
2006University Exam in Journalism & Communication Studies, Institute for Journalism, University of Hamburg; Germany
2005Assistant Attaché, Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN; New York/NY, USA
2005First German Legal State Exam, Universities of Hamburg, McGill; Montréal, Canada & Humboldt; Berlin, Germany


Selected Publications

  • Heintze, H.-J., Herman, J. & Thielbörger, P. (eds.). Forthcoming (2015). Humanitarian Action in a Nutshell: Advanced Introduction to the Core Competencies and Learning Stations of Humanitarian Action, Interdisciplinary Textbook to Humanitarian Action.
  • Heintze, H.-J., Herman, J. & Thielbörger, P. (eds.). Forthcoming (2015). From Cold War to Cyber War: The Evolution of the International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict over the last 25 Years, Springer Publishing.
  • Thielbörger, P. (ed.). The Protection of Water in International Law, Special Issue of Journal for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (JILPAC/HuV-I), 01/14.

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Ruhr University Bochum Institute for Law of Peace and Armed Conflict

Bochumer Fenster, 4th floor Massenbergstraße 9 B 44787 Bochum Germany

+49 234 322 7934

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