AGYA Member

Nuha Al-Shaar

Arabic & Islamic Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Intellectual History of Islamic Political Thought, Ethics, and Classical Arabic Literature and Thought, Intellectual and Reception History of the Qur’an

About me

I am Assistant Professor at the American University of Sharjah, specializing in Islamic intellectual history, and a Research Associate at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London. My publications and research interest have focused primarily on the study of Islamic ethics, especially in the Buyid period, analyzing friendship in the political thought of Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi and his contemporaries. I am working on adab (classical Arabic literature), looking at the complexity of the system of knowledge that shaped it, and exploring its relation to the Qur’ān, and other fields of intellectual inquiry. Further I examine the intellectual history of ethical, political, philosophical thought in relation to the wider social and political development of Muslim societies.

As an AGYA member I contribute to the development of Islamic and Arabic Studies by introducing innovative approaches: Explore themes of continuity and change in Arabic Literature, such as, travel writings, and look at the diverse role of women in Islam in comparison to other religious traditions. I also look at certain ethical issues through a comparative approach.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Groups Arab and German Education and Common Heritage and Common Challenges
  • Member of the Ethics and Moral Reasoning Working Group, Kalam Research and Media, Dubai
  • Member of the British Association for Islamic Studies and the American Oriental Society

Academic Career

2012 -Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic and Translation Studies, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
2009 -Research Associate, Qur’anic Studies Unit, Institute of Ismaili Studies; London, UK
2012Teaching Fellow, Near and Middle East Department, Faculty of Languages, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London; UK
2003 - 2012Lecturer in Arabic (part-time), Language Centre, SOAS, University of London; UK
2010PhD Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge; UK
2007Visiting Teaching-Fellow, International Study Center, Department of Arts and Science, Queen’s University Canada in UK
2005Tutor in Arabic (part-time), Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, the University of Cambridge; UK
2004MPhil in Educational Research, University of Cambridge; UK
2003MA in African & Asian History, SOAS, University of London; UK

Selected Publications

  • Al-Shaar, N. (ed.). ( 2017), The Qur’an and Adab: the Shaping of Literary Traditions in Clasical Islam, Oxford University Press.
  • Al-Shaar, N. (2015). Ethics in Islam: The Value of Friendship in the Political Thought of al-Tawhidi and His Contemporaries, Routledge.
  • Al-Shaar, N., Klemm, V. et al. (eds.). (2013). Sources and Approaches across Near Eastern Disciplines: The Proceedings of the 24th Congress of the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants (UEAI), Leuven: Peeters.


American University of Sharjah, Department of Arabic & Translation Studies

College of Arts & Sciences P.O. Box 26666 Sharjah United Arab Emirates

+971 567 601 150

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