AGYA Member

Lalla Btissam Drissi


Areas of Expertise for Media Inquiries:
High Energy Physics and Mathematics, Modeling and Numerical Simulations at Nanoscale, New Materials and Nanostructures

About me

AGYA is an excellent project that gives outstanding researchers the opportunity to promote their academic activities. Therefore being a member of the AGYA community will allow me to share and exchange my ideas and visions. It will also offer me the possibility to develop innovative joint research works, interdisciplinary collaborative projects as well as to enhance my research cooperation with outstanding Arab and German researchers.

My research interests are cruising between mathematics and conceptual physics, such as black holes in string theory, and more recently materials science and more precisely modeling new materials. I am also very involved in supervising new researchers and students. I am active for more involvement of women in science, technology and humanities. As AGYA member, I hope that the interaction with academics from Arabic country and Germany will have an impact on my skills and my record of research excellence and so I will be able to contribute in improving the scientific level of teams and collaborators in my national environment.

Current projects


  • Member of the AGYA Working Groups Energy, Water & Environment & Arab and German Education
  • Project on New materials (funded by Centre National Pour La Recherche Scientifique Et Technique CNRST-Morocco)
  • Responsible for Training project: optics and optometry (Université Mohammed V)
  • Member of the Center of Physics and Mathematics (CPM-ICTP)

Academic Career

2012 - Member of the pedagogical committee of Master of Physics and Mathematics, Université Mohammed V; Rabat, Morocco
2011 - Professor (Physics), Faculty of Science, Université Mohammed V; Rabat, Morocco
2008 - 2011 Post-doc Researcher in Physics, Institute of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology; Rabat, Morocco
2007 - 2008 Teaching Assistant (Physics), Agronomy and Veterinary Institute Hassan II; Rabat, Morocco
2006 - 2008 Post-doc, High Energy Physics Lab, Faculty of Science Agdal Université Mohammed V; Rabat, Morocco
2006 PhD, High Energy Physics Lab, Université Mohammed V; Rabat, Morocco

Selected Publications


  • Drissi, L. B. et al. (2011). Four Dimensional Graphene, Physical Review D 84 (014504).
  • Drissi, L. B. et al. (2011). Anomalous Quantum Hall Effect of 4D Graphene in Background Fields, J. High Energy Physics, 1110 (026).
  • Drissi, L. B. et al. (2010). Electronic properties and hidden symmetries of graphene, Nucl. Phys. B, 829 (523).

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Mohammed V University-Agdal Faculty of Science Department of Physics

Av. IBN Battouta Agdal, Rabat Morocco

+212 (0)537 77 1834

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