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Khalid Ibrahim Talahma


Areas of Expertise:
Commercial Transactions, Intellectual Property, Civil Litigation, Alternative Conflict Resolution Mechanism, Islamic Finance

About me

Khalid Talahma is Associate Professor of Private Law at Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine; writes and teaches in the areas of commercial transactions, law and economics, intellectual property, arbitration and civil litigation:

I have more than sixteen years of experience upholding justice as a practicing civil rights lawyer and teaching Private Law courses to students at several higher education institutions in Jordan. From 2010 to 2014, I worked as a Senior Legislation Legal Expert and Team Leader for a number of projects funded by the United Nations Development Program, United States Agency for International Development, and the European Union.

A particular interest of mine is the intersection between law and human rights disciplines; specifically the development of legislations in Arab countries pertaining to children, women and other marginalized groups.

The potential to develop the next body of research in my field in conjunction with German researchers is an exciting opportunity the AGYA provides.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Common Heritage and Common Challenges: As a first project, Prof Talahma will give a presentation at the AGYA conference in Malta. He will reflect on the mutual influence throughout history between the East and the West in the evolution of the rules of commercial law. Prof Talahma will focus on the rights and duties of individuals who are subject to the provisions of this law and also on the extent to which the commercial laws of the Arab world overlap with European laws.
  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Transformation & Arab and German Education

Academic Career

2013 -Associate Professor, Department of Law, Birzeit University (BU); Palestine
2014 - 2015Team Leader/Senior Legal Expert for a project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
2013 - 2014Visiting Scholar, Columbia Law School; New York (NY), USA
2012 - 2013Assistant Professor, Palestinian Judicial Institute; Ramallah, Palestineand Senior Legal Expert with GCT for UNDP project
2011 - 2012Senior Social Legalization Legal Expert with GCT for EU project
2011Legal Researcher, Transparency Palestine-Aman, Ramallah, Palestine
2011Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales; Sydney, Australia
2009 - 2010Legislative Drafting Expert for Jordan, Arab Women’s Legal Network
2009Certificate in Governmental Work and Public Policies, ENA, Paris, France
2007 - 2013Assistant Professor, Department of Law, BU; Palestine
2006 - 2007Legal Advisor, Law Firm of Dr Khalid Alnowaiser; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2006PhD in Private Law, Amman Arab University; Amman, Jordan
1999 - 2006Private Law Instructor, Al-Balga Applied University; Al-Salt, Jordan
1999MA of Arts in Private Law, Al al-Bayt University, Mafraq, Jordan

Selected Publications

  • Talahma, K. (2014). “Principals of Commercial Law”, Ramallah, Palestine: The Faculty of Law & Public Administration, Birzeit University.
  • Talahma, K. (2013). The Supporting Role of Courts in Securing Evidence and Taking Temporary and Provisional Actions During the Arbitrations Procedure: A Comparative Study Between Palestinian and Jordanian Laws, Journal of Sharia & Law, 53, College of Law, United Arab Emirates University.
  • Talahma, K. (2012). Governance of Shareholding Companies in Palestine: Theory and Practice, Jordan Journal of Law & Political Sciences, 4(3). Mu’tah University: Deanship of Academic Research, Jordan.


Birzeit University Department of Law

P.O. Box 14, Birzeit West Bank Palestine

+970 599 998 285

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