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Jens Scheiner

Islamic Studies

Areas of Expertise for Media Inquiries:
Political, Social & Cultural History from Late Antiquity to Classical Islamic Times, Islamic Religion, Hadith

About me

I was trained as scholar in Islamic Studies and History at the Universities of Tübingen, Edinburgh and Nijmegen and stayed in several Islamic countries. My interdisciplinary research was intensified, when I was hired as Junior Professor at the Courant Research Centre "Education and Religion" at the University of Göttingen. In the course of this professorship I broadened my knowledge on the history and culture of the Middle East and on Islamic religion, with a focus on hadith and isnad/matn-analysis. In this context I have regularly collaborated with national and international colleagues from various disciplines, among them Islamic philosophy, theology, Oriental Christianity, and Jewish studies.

Apart from holding regular presentations on topics like "Islamic Culture in History and Present", "Education in the Islamic world" or "The Presentation of Islam in Movies", I love to teach various courses on different aspects of the Islamic culture.

Current projects


  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Common Heritage and Common Challenges
  • AGYA project "Fluid Nature, Fluid Cultures. Malta and the Mediterranean" (in cooperation with Julia Hauser, Kirill Dmitriev and other AGYA members)
  • AGYA Tandem project "Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Maaloula" together with Ammar Abdulrahman
  • Cooperation project between the University of Göttingen and public schools: IslaMovies: Eine (inter)kulturelle Spurensuche (in cooperation with the teachers Ellen Runte, Marcel Gerlach and the artist Angelika Kehlenbach)
  • Initiator and Member of the project Die Weisungen der Väter und Sprüche des Propheten Muhammad im Vergleich: Gemeinsame Motive - Unterschiedliche Funktionen (in cooperation with Prof Tobias Georges and Dr Dimitrij Bumazhnov)

Academic Career

2016- Full Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Göttingen; Germany
2010 -2016
Assistant Professor ("Junior Professor"), Courant Research Centre “Education and Religion (EDRIS)”, University of Göttingen; Germany
2009 PhD (Doctor in Arts) in Islamic Studies, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen; The Netherlands
2008 - 2011 External Lecturer ("Lehrbeauftragter"), Leuphana Universität Lüneburg; Germany
2008 - 2010 Lecturer & Research Assistant ("Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter"), Institute of Islamic Studies, Free University of Berlin; Germany
2006 - 2007 Visiting Scholar, University of Chicago; Chicago/IL, USA
2004 Internship at the Ankara office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation; Turkey
2003 MA ("Magister Artium") in Islamic Studies and History of Business and Social History (and Law), University of Tübingen
2002 Internship at the Cairo office of the International Organization for Migration; Egypt
2001 Internship at the German Language Centre Teheran; Iran

Selected Publications


  • Scheiner, J. (forthcoming). "»Und wahrlich, ich wurde als Lehrer gesandt!« Der Prophet Mohammed als spiritus rector der Muslime", in Georges, T., Scheiner, J. & Tanaseanu-Döbler, I. (eds.). "Die Lehre des Weisen ist eine Quelle des Lebens". Bedeutende Lehrer in der Tradition der Antike und der monotheistischen Religionen. Tübingen.
  • Scheiner, J. & Janos, D. (eds.). (forthcoming). The Place to Go to: Contexts of Learning in Baghdād, 750-1000 C.E. Princeton.
  • Scheiner, J. (2010). Die Eroberung von Damaskus. Quellenkritische Untersuchung zur Historiographie in klassisch-islamischer Zeit. Leiden.

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