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Fatima Kastner

Law, Sociology

Areas of Expertise:
Sociology of Law, Theory of World Society, Globalization of Transitional Justice

About me

Sharing innovative and interdisciplinary science has always been a great source of motivation in my career. Therefore I am grateful for being member of a group of outstanding science ambassadors at the AGYA that promotes both trans-disciplinary and trans-national collaborative research projects in a unique manner.

I studied Law, Philosophy, and Social Sciences in London and Paris, before receiving a doctoral degree at the Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. My field of research, as Assistant Professor at the Institute for World Society Studies, Bielefeld University, is centred primarily on various aspects of the emergence and formation of self-contained legal regimes in reference to theories of international law, world society and world culture. Special interests are governance and the normative guiding function of international organizations (UN/EU) in post-conflict operations. Currently my theoretical and empirical research covers the worldwide diffusion of international human rights, truth and reconciliation commissions and the differentiation and globalization of transitional justice to a new global legal regime. Quite recently I had the great honour to be awarded the Adam Podgorecki Prize by the Research Committee on Sociology of Law in the category "outstanding achievements in socio-legal research".

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Transformation: With this Working Group we aim to analyze and to re-contextualize the various scientific views of the post 2011 developments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Together with my distinguished research fellows Sarhan Dhouib, Florian Kohstall and Carola Richter, I am currently preparing an edited volume entitled Academia in Transformation, which focuses on the modifications of the academic landscape in the aftermath of the so called "Arab Spring".
  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Common Heritage and Common Challenges.
  • Habilitation (second doctorate) "Transitional Justice in der Weltgesellschaft [engl. Transitional Justice in World Society]": Transitional Justice has become a global model for action in dealing with past human rights violations. In my book I reconstruct the socio-legal preconditions and the structural dynamics of world society that have led to the worldwide diffusion of norms, standards, and institutions of transitional justice. Focusing on the transition process in Morocco, my analysis reveals the local impacts of the new global legal regime of Transitional Justice and its function in world society.

Academic Career

2015 -Lecturer at the Zentrum Operative Kommunikation der Bundeswehr. Abteilung Informationsumfeld, Dezernat Interkulturelle Einsatzberatung; Mayen, Germany
2014 -Speaker of the board of directors of the Law and Society Section of the German Sociological Association
2010 -Assistant Professor, Institute for World Society Studies, University of Bielefeld; Germany
2011 - 2013Senior Research Fellow, Hamburg Institute for Social Research; Germany
2010 - 2013Project Leader “Theories of World Society: Isomorphism versus Functionalism“ (together with Boris Holzer and Tobias Werron). Collaboration between the Hamburg Institute for Social Research and the Institute for World Society Studies, Bielefeld University; Germany
2007 - 2008Project Leader “Law and World Society", Hamburg Institute for Social Research; Germany
2004 - 2011Research Staff Member in the research unit "Nation and Society" at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research; Germany
2004 -Lecturer, Faculty for Social Sciences, University of Hamburg; Germany
2002Dissertation and doctoral degree, Goethe University; Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Selected Publications

  • Kastner, F. (2015). Transitional Justice in der Weltgesellschaft. Hamburg: Hamburger Edition.
  • Kastner, F., Holzer, B. & Werron, T. (2014). From Globalization to World Society: Neo-Institutional and Systems-Theoretical Perspectives. New York: Routledge.
  • Kastner, F., Nobles, R., Schiff, D. & Ziegert, R. (2008). Law as a Social System. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Institute for World Society Studies Bielefeld University Faculty of Sociology

P.O. Box 100131 33501 Bielefeld Germany

+49 179 528 0323

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