AGYA Member

Sonja Buxbaum-Conradi

Social Sciences

Areas of Expertise:
Global Production Networks, Knowledge Processes in Distributed Value Creation Networks, Open Production and Open Source Hardware Communities

About me

Coming from the field of cultural and social anthropology, I started working at an Institute for Production Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies in a project on inter-organizational knowledge management in global production networks in 2012. Here, I began to develop my interest in digital production technologies and open fabrication laboratories. In my current position as a senior research fellow, I investigate their transformative potential for knowledge and production processes, forms of technological learning, and bottom-up economic development.

Being an AGYA member allows me to exchange and develop ideas across very different academic fields and cultural backgrounds. I believe the ability to integrate multiple perspectives is essential for advancing research and creating viable solutions that have a societal impact. For me, international interdisciplinary research means learning from each other through dialogue, finding shared interfaces and promoting committed pluralism.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Arab and German Education
  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Innovation

Academic Career

Since 2018 

Post-doctoral senior research fellow at the Institute for Production Engineering and
Manufacturing Technologies (LaFT) at Helmut Schmidt University (HSU)

  • “Places of Incubovation: Self-replicating, open production spaces as
    innovation incubators in Tunisia” (BMBF-sponsored)
  • „Startup Port – wissensbasiertes Unternehmertum in der
    Metropolregion Hamburg“ (BMWI-sponsored)
2018Doctoral degree with honors at the University of Hamburg (Faculty of Mathematics,
Informatics and Natural Sciences)
2012 - 2018Research fellow at LaFT in the projects:
  • “Twinning for Innovation” (2016, AGYA/ BMBF)
  • “Applied Knowledge Management for the German Federal
    Armed Forces” (2013-2017, BMVg)
  • “Development of a knowledge management system for the
    Aviation Cluster in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg”(2011-2013 BMBF)
2010Master degree with honors in Ethnology at the Philips University of Marburg and the University of Hamburg

Selected Publications

  • Buxbaum-Conradi, S.; Branding, J-H.; Basmer-Birkenfeld, S.; Osunyomi, B.D.; Redlich, T.; Langenfeld, M.; Wulfsberg, J.P. (2018). Lokale Einbettung und globale Kollaborationsprozesse offener Produktionswerkstätten: Ein Einblick in die deutsche und arabische Maker-Community. In: Redlich, T.; Moritz, M.; Wulsfsberg, J.P. (eds): Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven zur Zukunft der Wertschöpfung, Wiesbaden. Springer, pp. 79-92.
  • Buxbaum-Conradi, S. (2018). Global and local knowledge dynamics in an industry during modular transition: A case study of the Airbus production network and the Aerospace Cluster in Hamburg, Northern Germany. Dissertationsschrift, University of Hamburg.
  • Buxbaum-Conradi, S.; Basmer, S.; Krenz, P.; Redlich, T.; Wulfsberg, J. P.; Bruhns, F. L. (2015). Open Production: Chances for Social Sustainability in Manufacturing. In: Procedia CIRP 26, 12th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing – Emerging Potentials, pp. 46-51.
  • Buxbaum-Conradi, S.; Menzel M.-P.; Krenz, P.; Basmer, S.; Redlich, T., Wulfsberg, J.P. (2015). Modularization and the Dynamics of Inter-organizational Collaboration: Producing and Bridging Spatial and Organizational Distances. In: IEEE Proceedings of the 48th Conference on System Science, Hawaii, pp. 4376-4385.
  • Buxbaum-Conradi, S.; Redlich, T.; Krenz, P.; Basmer, S.; Wulfsberg, J.-P. and Bruhns, F.B (2014). Openness and Trust in Value Co-Creation: Potentials for Inter-organizational Knowledge Transfer and New Business Models. In: Proceedings of PICMET 2014 Infrastructure and Service Integration, Kanazawa (Japan), 217-225.


Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Institute for Production Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

Helmut Schmidt University University of the Federal Armed Forces Holstenhofweg 85 22043 Hamburg

040 6541 2055

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