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Working Paper Project: 'Academia in Transformation'

The working paper series 'Academia in Transformation' aims to provide an insightful and illuminating view of the transformation of the academic landscape in the aftermaths of the uprisings in the MENA region. The events that started in 2010 in Tunisia have certainly reshaped the language of agents and scholars, contributed to a shift in study focus and sometimes challenged dominant theoretical approaches such as those on change and stability in the region. At the same time, many of the academic developments that have taken place in the context of the 'Arab Spring' both reflect and accelerate global trends.

The working paper series analyses if and how the academic discourse has changed and reflects how the still ongoing transformation processes shape lines of inquiry, methodological tools and academic institutions in different disciplines. The series includes contributions from AGYA members on linguistics, communication studies, political science, computer science, archaeology, philosophy, law and Islamic studies. 


Out now: 'Academia in Transformation. Scholars Facing the Arab Uprisings'

‘The book provides an insightful and illuminating view of the transformation of the academic landscape in the aftermath of the popular uprisings in the MENA region. It analyses how the academic discourse in and on this region has changed and reflects on how the transformation processes, which are still ongoing, are shaping lines of inquiry in different disciplines.’

Kohstall / Richter / Dhouib / Kastner
'Academia in Transformation. Scholars Facing the Arab Uprisings'
Nomos, 2018
ISBN 978-3-8487-2829-9

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Members in Charge

Sarhan Dhouib

University of Kassel Department of Philosophy

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Fatima Kastner

Law, Sociology
Institute for World Society Studies Bielefeld University Faculty of Sociology

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Florian Kohstall

Political Science
Freie Universität Berlin Center for International Cooperation

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Carola Richter

Communication & Media Studies
Freie Universität Berlin Institute for Media and Communication Studies

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Justice in Transformation: Rethinking Theory and Practice of the Global Transitional Justice Model

In her article, AGYA member Fatima Kastner investigate whether and what extent the policies of transitions initiated in post-revolution societies in the aftermath of the socalled “Arab Spring” have affected the academic socio-legal discourse on transitional justice.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Author: Fatima Kastner
October 2017, 17 Pages

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Philosophy in Transition - Philosophy of Transition

In his article, AGYA member Sarhan Dhouib reflects from an autobiographical perspective on specific events, projects and issues in philosophy and philosophical practice in the wake of the upheavals in North Africa. In doing so, he asks whether philosophy in an authoritarian state can be understood as a form of resistance, and seeks to define the role that it should take in a post-dictatorial society.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Author: Sarhan Dhouib
September 2017, 18 Pages

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Opening Up the Text: Arabic Literary Studies on the Move

The political protests in the Arab world evolved along with a “cultural revolution” that sees practices of literature and art as tools of the “new political”. In consequence, Arabic literary studies have begun revisiting the relationship between literature and society, thereby “opening up” the concept of the traditional literary text.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Authors: Barbara Winckler & Christian Junge
July 2017, 24 Pages


The Damage Done: the 'Arab Spring', Cultural Heritage and at-Risk Archaeologists

In his article, AGYA member Ammar Abdulrahman argues that the preservation of the cultural heritage in Middle Eastern and North African countries is much more than a local issue – as a global matter, cultural heritage concerns all of humanity.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Author: Ammar Abdulrahman
April 2017, 14 Pages


Beyond Regime Change: Middle East Studies and Academic Cooperation in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings

In this article AGYA member Florian Kohstall explores some of the new research trends in Middle East Studies that have emerged after the Arab uprisings.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Author: Florian Kohstall
November 2016, 20 Pages


Political Science in Egypt: Talkin’ bout a Revolution

Experiences of a German DAAD long-term lecturer who started to teach Euro-Mediterranean Studies at Cairo University’s prestigious Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS) in 2013.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Author: Jan Claudius Völkel
October 2016, 19 Pages


Webs of Change?

The Transformation of Online Social Networks and Communication Infrastructures from a Technological Point of View

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Authors: Kalman Graffi & Tobias Amft
September 2016, 20 Pages


Communication Studies in Transformation - Self-reflections on an Evolving Discipline in Times of Change

In this article, AGYA members Carola Richter and Hanan Badr review the scientific  knowledge produced in communication studies on media change and transformation of communication after the Arab uprisings.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Authors: Carola Richter & Hanan Badr
August 2016, 15 Pages


An Uprising in Teaching Arabic Language

How the daily political & social scenes in the Arab world inspired some of the teaching philosophies & practices at the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES) in Lebanon.

Working Paper Series “Academia in Transformation”
Authors: Bilal Orfali, Rana Siblini & Maha Houssami
July 2016, 12 Pages

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2016 - 2018

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