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Regional Coordinators

The AGYA Regional Coordinators in the Arab world, based in Tunis, Beirut and Cairo, act as focal points between AGYA members and current and future partners in the region.


Hoda Harb

Regional Coordinator for Egypt & Sudan
Cairo / Egypt

Phone: +201 112268-488

Email: hoda.harb[at]agya.info






Zied Kbaier

Regional Coordinator for the Maghreb

Phone: +216 97 625-305

Email: zied.kbaier[at]agya.info






Peter Nassif

Regional Coordinator for the Levant

Phone: +961 3837-234

Email: peter.nassif[at]agya.info






Amr Radwan

AGYA Consultant AGYA Consultant

Phone: +201 225643-263

Email: amr.radwan[at]agya.info





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